XXXL Electronic Component Assortment Box Kit, 5228 pcs, Capacitors, Transistors, Potentiometers, Diodes, ICs, Inductors, Regulators, Mosfets, Trim Pots, LEDs, PCB, Photoresistors, Terminals, Resistors

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Product Description

XXXL Electronic Components Assortment

MKT Capacitors 235 pcs IC 150 pcs Power Transistors, Regulators 82 pcs Transistors 434 pcs Electrolytic Capacitors 200 pcs Resistors 2640 pcs Potentiometers 30 pcs Trim Potentiometers 75 pcs Photoresistors 44 pcs Ceramic Capacitors 300 pcs LED 100 pcs Common Diodes 273 pcs Zener Diodes 300 pcs Inductors 300 pcs Switch 80 pcs PCB, Accessories etc. 77 pcs

All included:

MKT Box Film Capacitor AssortmentMKT Box Film Capacitor Assortment

IC Assortment Nr. 1IC Assortment Nr. 1

Power Transistor Voltage Regulator Thyristor Mosfet AssortmentPower Transistor Voltage Regulator Thyristor Mosfet Assortment

BJT JFET Mosfet Darlington Germanium Transistor AssortmentBJT JFET Mosfet Darlington Germanium Transistor Assortment

MKT Capacitor Assortment

235 pcs Mellalized Polyester (PET) Film Box Capacitors1nF to 1uF24 values

IC Assortment

132 pcs ICsOpAmps, Timer, PWM, Comparators etc.18 pcs Sockets, Adapter

Power Transistor Assortment

82 pcs Power MOSFET, Voltage Regulators, Thyristors24 types

Common Transistor Assortment

434 pcs BJT, JFET, Darlington, Germanium Transistors24 types

XXXL Electronic Component Assortment includes the following components:

MKT Polyester Box Capacitors Assortment 1nF to 1uF, 63VCeramic Capacitor Assortment 2pf to 100nF, 50VElectrolytic Capacitor Assortment 0.1uF to 220uFIC Assortment LM358, LM324, JRC4558, NE5532, PC817, NE555, PT2399, LM393, LM339, LM386, TDA2822D, TDA2030A, UC3842AN, UC3843AN, ULN2003AN, ULN2803APG, ICL7660s, Sockets, AdapterTransistor Assortment BJT, Mosfet, Darlington, Germanium, JFET: 2n3904, 2n3906, 2n5551, 2n5401, C945, A733, C1815, A1015, SS8050, SS8550, S9014, S9015, BC327, BC337, BC547, BC557, BC548, BC558, 2n5088, 2n2222, 2n7000, BC517, 3AX31, J201Inductor Assortment 1uH to 4.7mHPotentiometer Assortment B1k,B2k,B5k,B10k,B20k,B50k,B100k,B250k,B500k,B1MPower Transistor / Voltage Regulator / Thyristor / Mosfet Assortment 78L05, L7805, 79L05, L7905, 78L12, L7824, LM317, TL431A, TIP122, TIP127, MAC97A6, BT134600E, BTA06, IRF540, IRFZ44, TIP31C, TIP32C, TIP41C, TIP42C, D882, B772, BD139, BD140Resistor Assortment 0Ω to 10M, 1/4wDiodes Assortment 1n5819, 1n5822, SR1100, SR2100, SR3100, UF4007, UF5408, 1n270, FR107, FR207, FR307, FR157, HER108, HER208, 1n4148, 1n914, 1n4001, 1n4004, 1n4007, 2n5399, 2n5408, 6A10, DB3Zener Diodes Assortment 2V to 30VTrim Pot Assortment 100Ω to 2MPhotoresistor / IR / Vactrol Assortment MG4516,5506,5516,5528,5537,5539,5549,12528,HS0038B,TSAL6200,VTL5CSwitch Assortment SPDT ON/ON, SPDT ON-OFF-ON, DPDT ON/ON, DPDT ON-OFF-ON, Momentary, Tactile Mini SwitchesPCB / Headers / Terminals 2×8, 3×7, 4×6, 5×7, 7×9 cm, 2pin, 3 pin, 40 pin male, 40 pin femaleLED Assortment red, blue, green, yellow, whiteAdditional items: Cutter, Solder, Mini Breadboard, AWG22 Hookup Wire

All included:

Electrolytic Capacitor AssortmentElectrolytic Capacitor Assortment

All values Resistor AssortmentAll values Resistor Assortment

Potentiometer AssortmentPotentiometer Assortment

Electrolytic Capacitor Assortment

200 pcs Electrolytic Capacitors15 values, each value 15 pcs

All Resistor Assortment

2640 pcs 1/4W 1% Metal Film ResistorsAll values 0 Ω to 10M includedEach value 20 pcs

Potentiometer Assortment

30 pcs Potentiometers10 values, each value 3 pcs Knobs, Nuts, Washers included

All included:

Trim Potentiometer AssortmentTrim Potentiometer Assortment

Photoresistor AssortmentPhotoresistor Assortment

Ceramic Capacitor AssortmentCeramic Capacitor Assortment

LED AssortmentLED Assortment

Trim Potentiometer Assortment

75 pcs Trim Potentiometers15 values, each value 5 pcs

Photoresistor Assortment

38 pcs LDR Photoresistors4 pcs IR Diodes2 pcs Vactrols

Ceramic Capacitor Assortment

300 pcs Ceramic Capacitors30 values each value 10 pcs

LED Assortment

100 pcs LEDs5 colors, 3mm and 5mm

All includied:

Common Diodes AssortmentCommon Diodes Assortment

Zener Diodes AssortmentZener Diodes Assortment

Inductor AssortmentInductor Assortment

Common Diode Assortment

273 pcs Common DiodesSchottky, Rectifier, Germanium, Switching, Trigger Diodes

Zener Diode Assortment

300 pcs Zener Diodes30 values, each value 10 pcs

Inductor Assortment

200 pcs Radial 0.5W Inductors20 values, each value 10 pcs

All included:

Switch AssortmentSwitch Assortment

Cutter, Solder, Hookup wire, Breadboard, SolderCutter, Solder, Hookup wire, Breadboard, Solder

PCB Terminals Headers AssortmentPCB Terminals Headers Assortment

Switch Assortment

2 pcs SPDT On-On, 2 pcs SPDT On-Off-On2 pcs DPDT On-On, 2 pcs DPDT On-Off-On2 pcs Momentary Arcarde Switch100 pcs Tactile Switch

Cutter, Mini Breadboard, Hookup Wire, Solder

1 pcs Cutter1 pcs Solder3 pcs Hookup Wire1 pcs Mini Breadboard

PCB, Header, Terminal Assortment

21 pcs Prototype PCB10 pcs 40-pin male, 5 pcs 40-pin Headers20 pcs Jumper Wire10 pcs 2-pin, 5 pcs 3-pin Terminals

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 14.3 x 10.5 x 3.8 inches; 7.36 Pounds
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ October 27, 2020
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Interstellar Electronics

XXXL Electronic Component Assortment
Includes 5228 pcs of the most important and usefull Electronic Components
Capacitors, Transistors, Potentiometers, Diodes, ICs, Inductors, Voltage Regulators, Mosfets, Trim Pots,
Photoresistors, Zeners, Switches, PCBs, Headers, Terminals, LEDs, Wires, Resistors, Cutter, Breadboard, Solder
Each product group comes sorted accordingly in a separate box and the whole Assortment comes in a big 15x11x4 inch box (not suitable as a carrying box, only for protection and hold the Assortment together until it arrives)

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