xArm UNO Robotic Arm 6DOF Robot Arm Kit with Secondary Development Compatible with Arduino IDE, DIY Programming Robot Kit STEAM Robot Arm with Sensor and UNO R3 Open Source Code & Tutorial

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LewanSoul Robotic Arm

Multiple Program & Control Methods.

Spark Your Creativity with LewanSoul.

About LewanSoul

Found in 2015, LewanSoul is a professional company under Hiwonder in R & D of education programming robots. We are dedicated to designing and producing high-tech, high-quality programming robots and peripheral products.

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Continuously testing & updating, making each item and technology the most conscientious. To make programming, robotics and AI accessible to all, we provide abundant learning resources, source codes, software, and online support!

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We provide satisfying pre and after-sales service, choose us to take your experience to the next level.

Desktop Robotic Arm

for Raspberry Pi AI Robotic

Robot Chassis Car Kit

Mechanical Robot Hand/Gripper

【xArm-UNO Creativity Unlimited】xArm-UNO includes xArm 1S robotic arm and sensor secondary development expansion kit. xArm 1S is a high-quality desktop robotic arm. The sensor secondary development expansion kit includes light-emitting ultrasonic sensors, color sensors, touch sensors and so on. xArm-UNO can be paired with the robotic arm to achieve distance measuring and grasping, color block sorting, intelligent voice control and other interesting games.
【Equipped with UNO R3, Support Arduino Programming】xArm UNO Sensor Expansion Kit is equipped with UNO R3 and UNO R3 Expansion Board, which support Arduino programming. We will also provide a detailed Ardunio play code so that you can easily realize creative play.
【Multiple Control Methods】xArm-UNO supports PC, Mobile App, Mouse and Wireless PS2 controller. With these control methods, xArm-UNO will bring more ways to play and learn, perfect for you to realize creative programming ideas and coding learning.
【HIGH QUALITY ROBOT ARM】The xArm 1S robot arm stand is made of aluminum alloy with an industrial-grade bearing base, it also comes with 6 intelligent serial bus servos with high precision and high torque, which provide position, voltage, and temperature feedback to make the robot arm’s performance even better.
【Intelligent Servo】xArm 1S is equipped with 6 high-precision intelligent serial bus servos that provide position, voltage and temperature feedback. These powerful servos deliver strong torque, enabling the robot arm to grasp objects weighing up to 500g with ease.

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