Wireless Car LED Lights Interior Ambient Atmosphere Star Neon Accent Lighting Remote Adjust Brightness Footwell Ceiling Roof RGB USB Magnetic Cool Accessories Decoration 12V 2PCS

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Product Description

wireless car interior lightswireless car interior lights

wireless car led lightswireless car led lights

interior car lightsinterior car lights

Using the remote to power off puts them on standby, potentially consuming power. To conserve battery power, push the light’s power button to turn it off completely.

car wireless led lightscar wireless led lights

car wireless led lightscar wireless led lights

wireless led lights for carwireless led lights for car

wireless car lights with remotewireless car lights with remote

Power Button

Turn ON/Change Colors & Modes: Short press.

Turn OFF: Don’t press any button for 20 seconds and then short press to turn it off. Push the OFF button on the remote.

Activate/Deactivate Sensor Mode: Long press.

Battery Indication: Double-click (with the lights off). Push the SOC button on the remote.

Mini Flashlight Function

Beyond its primary use as car ambient lighting, it serves as a handy compact flashlight, ready to provide emergency lighting during power outages as a secondary feature.

Magnetic & Strong Adhesion

Built-in strong magnets to hold the inside car lights to iron surfaces. The adhesive metal plate provides exceptional adhesion, preventing it from coming off even during bumpy rides.

Battery Indicator

Our battery indicator keeps you updated on your device’s power, empowering you to plan your usage and avoid inconvenient battery drains. Double-click the switch button when LED lights for car interior are off, or press the SOC button on the remote to check the remaining power.

wireless car ambient lightswireless car ambient lights

Q & A

Q1: Can one remote control all lights?

A1: Yes, one remote can control all wireless car LED lights.

Q2: Why can’t the remote turn on the lights?


1. Please remove the battery pull tab before using the remote.

2. Please use the light’s power button for initial use.

3. If you turn off the light using its power button, the remote won’t work. To use the remote to turn on the light, please ensure to turn it off with the remote first.

Q3: Why do car interior LED lights turn off automatically?

A3: When the wireless star lights for car is in motion sensor mode, it will auto-off if no motion is detected within the 3-meter sensing range. To keep the light stay on, please deactivate the sensor mode.

Q4: How do I deactivate motion sensor mode?

A4: Long-press the power button or push the HUMAN SENSOR button on the remote. (Red flash: deactivated, green flash: activated.)

Q5: Why didn’t the motion sensor promptly activate the car floor lights?

A5: Wireless car ambient lights are less sensitive in well-lit surroundings. In darker conditions, motion sensor lights can be activated quickly.

Q6: If the car ambient lights’ bottom LEDs get hot, what’s the solution?

A6: High-brightness lens LEDs on the bottom of the interior car lights wireless. If you use the mini flashlight function for an extended period, it may become slightly hot. Please dim the brightness to avoid getting hot.

Cordless & Remote Control: Say goodbye to messy and tangled cords, and eliminate the need for drilling with our easy-to-setup and hassle-free interior car lights. Easily switch 9 colors and 5 modes with the remote, and enjoy perfect lighting inside your car.
Bright Vibes & Adjustable Brightness: Equipped with 12pcs SMD 5050 LEDs for superior brightness and illumination. Customize the brightness to your preference for optimal lighting effects. Set the mood on the road with our wireless car atmosphere lights.
1000mAh Battery: With a 1000mAh battery, you can enjoy 2 to 23 hours of continuous use with wireless car LED lights. Battery life varies based on brightness and mode selection. Battery life varies depending on brightness and mode selection. The lower the brightness, the longer the battery life. Flashing mode lasts longer than the solid color mode. (Please charge wireless LED lights for car fully before first use.)
USB-C Rechargeable & Memory Function: Comes with a three-way charging cable for efficiently charging three wireless car lights simultaneously, ensuring swift power-ups and reducing downtime. Stores your previous settings, streamlining your experience with each use. When you turn the car interior light on again, it will remember the color and mode you last used.
Motion Sensor: After activating the motion sensor, the wireless LED light for cars will light up when motion is detected within 10 feet. It will automatically turn off after 90 seconds if no motion is detected to save power. (Activate: Green light flashes, Deactivate: Red light flashes)
Versatile In Use: Wireless interior LED lights can be installed anywhere in your car, including the car roof, footwell, glove box, armrest box, trunk, and more. Illuminate your space in style with our wireless LED interior lights, perfect for cars, bars, parties, and gatherings. 12-month warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

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