TILDOSAC Sunglass Holder Organizer Clip for Car Visor, Durable and Scratch Resistant Sunglasses Organizer with Magnetic Clip, Pink Car Interior Essentials Accessories for Men Women Aesthetic

Price: $5.99
(as of Feb 29, 2024 23:51:19 UTC – Details)

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STURDY AND DURABLE: The sunglasses holder for car is an essential accessory for any vehicle. It provides a safe and secure place to store your sunglasses, and it is made of high quality PU leather and metal for sturdiness and durability; making sure they’re always within reach when you need them.
SCRATCH-PROOF DESIGN: We create a distinctive design for the tip of this clip that holds sunglasses, making it simple to affix to your car visor. This clip not only keeps your sunglasses securely in place for effortless retrieval but also prevents any damage or scuff marks on your visor.
SPACE SAVING: This car interior accessories is a fantastic way to save space and something that all drivers will love. It is able to hold your glasses, keys, and other small items, while also
BEAUTIFUL AND VERSATILE: The sunglass clip for car visor that attaches to the visor of your car has a sophisticated appearance and is specifically crafted to seamlessly blend with the interior of any vehicle. It is capable of complementing the aesthetics of any car and adds a charming touch of embellishment.
PLASE NOTE: Please be aware that sunglass organizer is magnetic and therefore should not be used with magnetic credit cards, access cards, parking cards, or any other cards to prevent interference.

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