SunFounder Electronics Fun Kit with 1602 LCD Module, breadboard, LED, Resistor Compatible with Arduino UNO R3 MEGA2560 Raspberry Pi 400 4B 3B 3B+ 2B 2B+

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About SunFounder:

SunFounder is staying at the leading edge of Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and IoT Services. From the initial Hard-Copy Manual, to CD Manual, and now Online Tutorials, we have been looking for a better learning experience for users and helping users improve learning programming efficiency.

Online Manual – RTD Lessons Provided

Welcome to our One-Stop Online Tutorial Web site, where you can find the code required to program, support, edit, and download. Just turn on your computer and you can start programming.

In addition, we have prepared many interesting and practical examples for you and collected many significant information, and there are the lession in our lessons compatible with Arduino Cloud IDE.

Check the website of the online user manual here:

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electronic kitelectronic kit


At sometime or another you may run out of pins on your board compatible with Arduino and need to extend it with shift registers. This example is based on the 74HC595. The datasheet refers to the 74HC595 as an “8-bit serial-in, serial or parallel-out shift register with output latches; 3-state.” In other words, you can use it to control 8 outputs at a time while only taking up a few pins on your microcontroller. You can link multiple registers together to extend your output even more.


The 4N35 is a 4-terminal universal optocoupler that blocks the electrical connection between the signal source and the receiver of the signal, which effectively blocks electrical connections and interference. Commonly used in signal isolation transmission, switching power supply feedback control and so on. Common circuits include TV power supply parts (remote control switch, voltage feedback control), switching power supply, electric vehicle charger and many other aspects.


1N4007 Diode is a device which allows current flow through only one direction. That is the current should always flow from the Anode to cathode. The cathode terminal can be identified by using a grey bar as shown in the picture above. For 1N4007 Diode, the maximum current carrying capacity is 1A it withstand peaks up to 30A. Hence we can use this in circuits that are designed for less than 1A. The reverse current is 5uA which is negligible.

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Ceramic capacitor

Ceramic capacitor uses a ceramic material as the dielectric. Ceramics were one of the first materials to be used in the production of capacitors, as it was a known insulator. Ceramic capacitors are usually made with very small capacitance values. Ceramic capacitors are also very small in size and have a low maximum rated voltage. They are not polarized, which means that they may be safely connected to an AC source. Ceramic capacitors have a great frequency response due to low parasitic effects such as resistance or inductance.

LED Lights

The electronic fun kit provide 50 pcs colorful led lights, include 5 colors :blue, white, red, yellow and green. Have fun while operating components and learning programs.


This kit provides 10 different resistance resistors, a total of 100 resistors. Including 10Ω, 100Ω, 220Ω, 330Ω, 1 KΩ, 2KΩ, 5.1KΩ, 10KΩ, 100KΩ, 1MΩ. Fully satisfy the needs of your design lessons.

Electronic Starter Kit – Our electronic kit has more than 300pcs components you need for getting started into programming compatible with Arduino and Raspberry pi .
Highest Cost Components Kit – Package includes 400 point breadboard,1602 LCD display, servo motors, jumper wires, Dupont wires, color LCD and resistors, capicitors, relay, usb cable, buzzers and etc.
21 Lessons Provided – An upgraded electronic fun kit has more than 20 interesting lessons which will give you a dynamic and creative learning experience.
Professional Tutorial Provided -We have prepared many interesting and practical examples online for you to learn to code and program faster and easier.
Excellent package – A campact and pretty storage container for you to store all the components kit without losing.

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