STANLEY Contact Cleaner Spray – Precision Electronics Cleaning for Circuit Boards, Switches & Connectors – Non-Corrosive – 10.2 oz – 1 Pack

Price: $8.99
(as of Mar 27, 2024 13:19:02 UTC – Details)

Introducing Stanley Electrical Contact Cleaner – your go-to solution for precision cleaning and maintenance of electronic components. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, our contact cleaner stands out as a reliable choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Here’s why: Fast and Effective Cleaning Action: Stanley Electrical Contact Cleaner features a fast-cleaning formula, removing flux traces, light oils, fingerprints, and contaminants with exceptional speed. This ensures your electronic components stay in peak condition, delivering optimal performance. Prolonged Component Life: With periodic planned application, our non-conductive and non-corrosive formula actively contributes to extending the life expectancy of your valuable components. Trust Stanley to keep your electronics operating at their best for the long haul. Residue-Free Precision: Leave behind the worries of residue with our contact cleaner. It evaporates completely, ensuring a pristine surface without any leftover film. Your components remain clean and free from any potentially damaging substances. Versatile and Safe for All Surfaces: Stanley’s contact cleaner is safe for all metal surfaces, most rubbers, plastics, and coatings. While it is recommended to test on sensitive plastics, adhesive-mounted, or stressed parts, our cleaner boasts versatility, making it suitable for various applications. Convenient 360° Upside-Down Application: Say goodbye to inaccessible areas! Our contact cleaner comes equipped with a convenient 360° upside-down spray feature. Reach and clean every nook and cranny with ease, ensuring a thorough cleaning process for your electronic equipment. Invest in the reliability and precision of Stanley Electrical Contact Cleaner – the essential companion for the maintenance of calculators, computers, digital equipment, and a wide range of electronic devices. Elevate your electronics maintenance routine with the trusted choice of professionals.
Fast and Effective Cleaning: Stanley Electrical Contact Cleaner ensures rapid removal of flux traces, light oils, fingerprints, and contaminants, promoting optimal performance in electronic components.
Extended Component Life: Periodic planned application of our non-conductive and non-corrosive formula prolongs the life expectancy of sensitive components, ensuring reliability over time.
Residue-Free Precision: Evaporating completely upon use, our contact cleaner leaves no residue behind, providing a clean and pristine surface for continued electronic functionality.
Versatile and Safe: Safe for all metal surfaces, most rubbers, plastics, and coatings, with a recommendation for sensitive plastics and stressed parts. This versatile cleaner is suitable for a wide range of applications, from calculators to radars.
360 Upside-Down Convenience: With a convenient 360 upside-down spray feature, our electrical contact cleaner offers ease of use, allowing you to reach and clean even the most challenging areas in electronic equipment.

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