Molence 5162pcs DIY Electronics Components Kit Assortment, Resistors, Inductors, Capacitors, LED, Triode, ICS, Diodes, PCB, Potentiometer, Pin Header, Jumper Wire, Terminals, Tactswitch

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Product Description

Electrolytic Capacitor 200PCS TO-92 Transistor 200PCS Integrated Circuit IC 127PCS 1/4W 1% Metal Film Resistor 2600PCS WH148 Potentiometer 10PCS Inductance 200PCS 3mm/5mm LED 200PCS PCB Kit 85PCS Diode 200PCS Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor 480PCS Jumper Wire 560PCS Tactswitch 28PCS Adjustable Resistance 150PCS Electrostatic Clamp 1PCS 165×55×10mm Breadboard 1PCS Dupont Line 120PCS


TO-92 TransistorTO-92 Transistor

Integrated Circuit ICIntegrated Circuit IC

Electrolytic Capacitor: 0.1uF 50V 4X7; 0.22uF 50V 5X11; 0.47uF 50V 5X11; 1uF 50V 5X11; 2.2uF 50V 4X7; 3.3uF 50V 4X7; 4.7uF 50V 4X7; 10uF 25V 4X7; 22uF 25V 4X7; 33uF 16V 4X7; 47uF 16V 5X11; 47uF 25V 5X11; 100uF 16V 5X11; 100uF 25V 5X11; 220uF 10V 5X11

TO-92 Transistor: BC337 NPN; BC327 PNP; 2N2222 NPN; 2N2907 PNP; 2N3904 NPN; 2N3906 PNP; S8050 NPN; S8550 PNP; A1015 PNP; C1815 NPN

Integrated Circuit IC: PC817C; NE555; LM358; LM324; JRC4558D; LM393; LM339; NE5532; LM386M; TDA2822M; TDA2030A; UC3842AN; UC3843AN; ULN2003APG; ULN2803APG

1/4W 1% Tolerance Metal Film Resistor1/4W 1% Tolerance Metal Film Resistor

WH148 PotentiometerWH148 Potentiometer


1/4W 1% Tolerance Metal Film Resistor: 1Ω; 1.2Ω; 1.5Ω; 1.8Ω; 2Ω; 2.2Ω; 2.4Ω; 2.7Ω; 3Ω; 3.3Ω; 3.6Ω; 3.9Ω; 4.3Ω; 4.7Ω; 5.1Ω; 5.6Ω; 6.2Ω; 6.8Ω; 7.5Ω; 8.2Ω; 9.1Ω; 10Ω; 12Ω; 15Ω; 18Ω; 20Ω; 22Ω; 24Ω; 27Ω; 30Ω; 33Ω; 36Ω; 39Ω; 43Ω; 47Ω; 51Ω; 56Ω; 62Ω; 68Ω; 75Ω; 82Ω; 91Ω; 100Ω; 120Ω; 150Ω; 180Ω; 200Ω; 220Ω; 240Ω; 270Ω; 300Ω; 330Ω; 360Ω; 390Ω; 430Ω; 470Ω; 510Ω; 560Ω; 620Ω; 680Ω; 750Ω; 820Ω; 910Ω; 1KΩ; 1.2KΩ; 1.5KΩ; 1.8KΩ; 2KΩ; 2.2KΩ; 2.4KΩ; 2.7KΩ; 3KΩ; 3.3KΩ; 3.6KΩ; 3.9KΩ; 4.3KΩ; 4.7KΩ; 5.1KΩ; 5.6KΩ; 6.2KΩ; 6.8KΩ; 7.5KΩ; 8.2KΩ; 9.1KΩ; 10KΩ; 12KΩ; 15KΩ; 18KΩ; 20KΩ; 22KΩ; 24KΩ; 27KΩ; 30KΩ; 33KΩ; 36KΩ; 39KΩ; 43KΩ; 47KΩ; 51KΩ; 56KΩ; 62KΩ; 68KΩ; 75KΩ; 82KΩ; 91KΩ; 100KΩ; 120KΩ; 150KΩ; 180KΩ; 200KΩ; 220KΩ; 240KΩ; 270KΩ; 300KΩ; 330KΩ; 360KΩ; 390KΩ; 430KΩ; 470KΩ; 510KΩ; 560KΩ; 620KΩ; 680KΩ; 750KΩ; 820KΩ; 910KΩ; 1MΩ; 1.5MΩ; 2MΩ; 3MΩ

WH148 Potentiometer: B1K; B2K; B5K; B10K; B20K; B100K; B250K; B500K; B1M

Inductance: 1uH; 2.2uH; 3.3uH; 4.7uH; 6.8uH; 10uH; 15uH; 22uH; 33uH; 47uH; 100uH; 150uH; 220uH; 330uH; 470uH; 680uH; 1mH; 2.2mH; 3.3mH; 4.7mH

3mm/5mm LED: Red; Clear; Green; Blue; Yellow3mm/5mm LED: Red; Clear; Green; Blue; Yellow

PCBs KitPCBs Kit


3mm/5mm LED: Red; Clear; Green; Blue; Yellow

PCBs Kit: 2.54mm Male Pin Header; 2.54mm Female Pin Header; 5*7cm breadboard; 4*6cm breadboard; 6*8cm breadboard; 3*7cm breadboard; 2*8cm breadboard; 2Pin PCB Connector; 3Pin PCB Connector

Diode: 1N4001; 1N4004; 1N4007; 1N5392; 1N5399; RL201; RL207; 1N5401; 1N5404; 1N5408; 1N5819; SR260; SR360; FR104; FR107; FR157

Monolithic Ceramic CapacitorMonolithic Ceramic Capacitor

Jumper WireJumper Wire

Adjustable ResistanceAdjustable Resistance

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor: 10pF; 22pF; 30pF; 47pF; 100pF; 220pF; 330pF; 470pF; 1nF; 2.2nF; 3.3nF; 4.7nF; 6.8nF; 10nF; 22nF; 47nF; 68nF; 0.1uF; 0.22uF; 0.47uF; 1uF; 2.2uF; 4.7uF; 10uF

Jumper Wire: U shape, Male to Male, 24AWG; 2mm; 5mm; 7mm; 10mm; 12mm; 15mm; 17mm; 20mm; 22mm; 25mm; 50mm; 75mm; 100mm; 125mm

Adjustable Resistance: 100 ohm: 220 ohm; 470 ohm; 1K ohm; 3.3K ohm; 4.7K ohm; 10K ohm; 20K ohm; 30K ohm; 47K ohm; 100K ohm; 200K ohm; 300K ohm; 500K ohm; 1M ohm

Electrostatic ClampElectrostatic Clamp



Dupont Line:Dupont Line:

Electrostatic Clamp: 1 pcs

Tactswitch: 12*12*7.3mm; Red Cap; Yellow Cap; Green Cap; Blue Cap; White Cap; Black Cap; Grey Cap


Dupont Line: 2.54mm dupont line; 15cm male to male; 15cm male to female; 15cm female to female

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 15 x 14 x 2 inches; 2 Pounds
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ February 8, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Molence
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09RZYM66H

This kit Includes 5162pcs of the most important and useful electronic components. Would be a great gift for a family member or friend who tinkers with electronics.
2600PCS 1/4W 1% Tolerance Metal Film Resistor; 200PCS Electrolytic Capacitor; 480 PCS Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor; 200PCS TO-92 Transistor; 127PCS Integrated Circuit IC; 200PCS Inductance; 10PCS WH148 Potentiometer; 200PCS 3mm/5mm LED; 200PCS Diode; 85PCS PCBs Kit; 560PCS Jumper Wire; 28PCS Tactswitch; 1PCS Electrostatic Clamp; 150PCS Adjustable resistance; 1PCS Breadboard; 120PCS Dupont Line.
100% compatible for Arduino UNO, MEGA, Raspberry Pi, PLC, Microcontroller.
All of electronics components are well packed and assorted in a re-use storage case, convenient to carry and use.
The product undergoes rigorous inspection before leaving the factory. If you are not satisfied with the product, please feel free to contact us and we will provide a full refund.

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