Miuzei Basic Starter Kit for Arduino Projects, Breadboard, Jumper Wires, Power Supply, Resistors, LED, Electronic Kit Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi

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We are Miuzei, We specialize in developing and manufacturing high-quality electronic accessories such as Raspberry Pi Case, Raspberry Pi Screen, Starter Kit Compatible with Arduino, servo, Pcb and more. Miuzei’s works are full of soul, spirit, emotion and creativity, and are deeply loved and trusted by customers. Choose us and create an infinite future with fun.

35kg Servo & Acrylic Pi 5 Case

Servo with Mount Bracket Arm

raspberry pi 4 screen & servo

Servo & pi power supply

micro servo rc servo & pcb

Starter Kit for diy Project

raspberry pi case

Raspberry Pi 4 Case

Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminium Case

Miuzei Basic Starter Kit – It has all consumable component are often used. Compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, it can almost meet all your needs. (Without Microcontroller Board)
Breadboard and Power Supply Modules-Include various LEDs, resistors, buttons, capacitors, a few transistors and diodes etc.
With jumper wire and Male-female dupont wire to meet your project expetation.
Clear and Sturdy Packaging-Each component is classified and packaged and placed in a transparent box which can help you keep the components neat after using.
Datasheet and Tutorial-We provide detailed instruction for you to begin your electronic projects, any questions, please contact our customer service.

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