Mann Filter Touch Up Paint for Cars, Automotive Black Car Scratch Remover Pen, Two-In-One Car Touch Up Paint Pen, Quick & Easy Solution to Repair Minor Automotive Paint Scratch Repair 0.4 fl oz

Price: $11.99
(as of Mar 06, 2024 07:45:33 UTC – Details)

🚕Quick And Easy Black Touch Up Paint for CarsSimply clean the scratched area and remove any loose paint. Shake the car touch up paint for around 30 seconds to ensure proper mixing. Then, apply the paint evenly in one direction to cover the scratches.🚖Multifunctional Black Touch Up PaintOur black car scratch remover pen is pure white and can match 90% of white cars. However, it can also be used on other items, such as boats, motorcycles, bicycles, refrigerators, doors, tables, floors, etc. You can even use it for DIY painting projects. As long as the color matches your item, you can use this pen to cover up.Friendly ReminderThe two-in one touch up paint can’t fill them to the top because of their material characteristics. We get it, you might feel let down when you see the bottle isn’t filled all the way, but filling it completely could cause some problems like the paint overflowing or even exploding. That would make the product less effective and not safe. So we control the filling amount to make sure everything is safe and works properly. If you get a bottle that’s 90% full, don’t worry, that’s normal. But if it’s less than that, please let us know and we will help you solve the problem at the first time.🚘Apply Advice1.Prior to using the black car paint scratch repair, you can test it on paper to ensure there is no difference in color.2.If you are erasing car scratches for the first time, practice on some scrap metal or cardboard first to get comfortable with steadying your hand and applying the right amount of paint. There is no need to rush; take your time. Consider the cost of going to an auto repair shop, and you will realize it is worth it.
[Effective Protection] Scratches on your car are not just annoying, they can even cause the metal under the paint to rust. Our touch up paint for cars can quickly repair those ugly areas and seal away scratches to keep car paint looking great and prevent future rust.
[2-in-1 Design] Our black touch up paint for cars is a double-ended design with both a metal tip and a brush, making car paint scratch repair more accurate and easier. The metal nib is for repairing small chips, while the brush is good for those larger or longer scratches.
[Easy & Fast] Our car paint touch up pen is easy to apply and usually dries within 10 minutes. Just clean the scratched area and remove loose paint, shake the white paint pen for about 1 minutes to mix well. Then, test it on paper to ensure no color difference. Last, apply the paint evenly in one direction to cover the scratches. Our car scratch remover is a great helper and money-saver for your repairs.
[Widely Applicable] For car enthusiasts and drivers, black touch up paint pen is necessary to repair minor scratches and save a lot of time and money. Black car touch up paint is the best choice for personal repair of car paint scratches. It is applicable to plastic roofs, doors, engine covers and even bumpers; Metal, glass fiber and PVC.
[Note] The black touch up paint for cars can’t make the scratches disappear 100%, it can only make the scratches invisible and prevent the body from rusting. If you have high requirements for scratch repair, you’d better go to the car repair shop for help.

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