Little Joe 96401 New Car Scent Car Air Freshener Clips to A/C Air Vent Uses Alcohol-Free Fragrance Oil is Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic Plastic, Pack of 1

Price: $5.99 - $3.94
(as of Jun 14, 2024 07:05:42 UTC – Details)

Keeping your car smelling fresh and clean can be challenging, especially during the hot and muggy summer months. Stone Car Care’s Little Joe air freshener is a cute and effective product that is easy to use, delivers the perfect amount of fragrance, and can last more than 45 days of continuous use. The Little Joe air freshener has been designed with an easy-to-apply clip that enables it to fit onto any A/C or air vent inside your vehicle. It is made from non-toxic plastic and non-hazardous materials, making it safe and effective, and it offers a constant but not overpowering alcohol-free scent around the clock.
Stoner Car Care’s Little Joe car air freshener is easy to install and remove. It was designed and produced in Italy in collaboration with some of the world’s best fragrance houses. Our Little Joe car freshener packs quite a punch and can last greater than 45 days. It works by circulating a fresh aroma through the cabin of any vehicle from the A/C or heater vent, and it releases just the right amount of fragrance into the air, without overpowering the vehicle like many other air freshener products.
The Stoner Car Care Little Joe air freshener is easy to install. Just clip the Little Joe onto any A/C vent and replace every 45+ days. Stoner Car Care has been a trusted name in automotive, industrial, and home cleaning since 1942. We guarantee 100-percent satisfaction with our car care products or your money back.

LITTLE SIZE, BIG SCENT: It can be challenging to keep your car smelling fresh through all the trips and treks. Stoner Car Care’s Little Joe air freshener is the solution, delivering the perfect amount of new fragrance. Don’t let his size fool you – Little Joe packs a punch. Designed and produced in Italy in collaboration with world-renowned fragrance houses, Little Joe powers through odors to provide a breath of fresh air to your car’s cabin.
EASY INSTALLATION: Clip into an air vent to enjoy the immediate freshness.
SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: Safe to use in small spaces, thanks to Little Joe’s alcohol-free fragrance oils and non-toxic plastic.
NO OVERWHELMING SCENT: Consistently fresh, never overpowering scent.
LONG LASTING: Freshen your cabin for up to 45 days.

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