Light Sign for Car, Green Light Decal for Car Windshield with Suction Cups, USB Type-C Touch Dimmer Switch Cable

Price: $29.99
(as of Feb 01, 2024 05:02:52 UTC – Details)

Wide range of applications, the LED light sign with USB adapter, suitable for most cars.
Touch Dimmer Switch:
1. The finger touches dimmer body;
2. Short touch to turn on/off;
3. Keep touching to adjust the brightness, the brightness will be raise to the highest then fallen to the lowest.

Package Includes:
1x LED sign light
2x Suction cups
1x USB C ON/OFF switch cable

With Type-C cable, suitable for all 5V cars and vehicles
Green led lights, easily recognized and visible up to 20 yards away
Bright and soft light, to helps passengers find you faster, especially at crowded pick-up points
Touch dimmer switch, it adopts capacitance touch technique; switch on/off and dimming function can be realized by touching
We use FR4 fiberglass board, which thickness is 1.6mm, thicker than competitor’s 1mm. Equipped with 2 suction cups with screw for easy installation

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