Kewucn 27 Inch Car Snow Scraper and Brush, Detachable Scratch Free Snow Brush with Ergonomic Foam Grip, Universal Winter Snow Removal Tool for Car Windshield Window (Basic)

Price: $19.99
(as of Jan 26, 2024 04:06:50 UTC – Details)

Product Information:
Color: Orange & Black
Style: Basic, Upgrad
Size: 20.07 inches, 26.37 inches
Weight: 0.9 Ib, 1 lb
Material: ABS, PP, EVA, Aluminum
Quantity: 1 PC
Vehicle Service Type: ‎Universal Fit
Using instruction:
-Grip the handle in the middle of the product so that the brush or the shovel is against the car windshield.
-Make a 10-70 degree angle between the back side of the shovel head or of the side of brush and the glass.
-Push up and down or side to side to remove frost, ice, or snow.
Warm notes:
-Do not directly touch the front segment of the cusp to the car surface, so as not to scratch the car surface paint.
-If you want to separate the snow brush and ice scraper, you can press the snap on the middle of the handle.
【Two Styles】: This all-in-one product is divided into basic and upgraded models. The basic model has fundamental scraper and brush. The upgrade one is based on the basic model to have a better function, namely adding a button to the head of the product, so that the upper brush can not only be fixed in one position, but also rotate 360 degrees, so that you can easily brush snow in all directions.
【Detachable & Extendable】: This snow and ice removal product is versatile, detachable and extendable. Disassembly can both reduce the length of the product to facilitate the product’s storage, and can easily separate the product ​for easier handling or dividing up work. Stretching can extend the product’s length to expand the cleaning distance, more convenient to remove snow and ice on the car.
【Soft & No Scratches】: This snow removal product has chutes or a shovel with chutes that can easily break and crush the ice. The spatula head with snow chutes is soft and firm, without leaving scratches on your car. And it features knuckles on the back, forming a few gaps to crush the thicker ice without leaving any damage, providing trouble-free snow clearing.
【Low Temperature Resistance】: The product for car windshield is made out of ABS, PP, EVA and aluminum. ABS material used in the scraper can resist extremely low temperatures and cracking, lasting the service life of the bottom scraper. EVA foam on the handle can protect and warm your hands when you remove snow outside your cars.
【Suitable for All Cars】: The ice scraper for car windshield is fan-shaped while the snow brush is enough long, which can give added reach for vehicles. So, the product is applicable for all types and sizes of vehicles, SUVs and trucks. It just takes a different amount of time to clean different cars.

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