ICStation DIY Bluetooth-Compatible Speaker Kit, Soldering Practice Kit for Beginners DIY Projects for Adults MiNi Home Sound Amplifier DIY Electronics Kit with Rechargeable Battery Radio Kits to Build

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Product Description

DIY Speaker KitDIY Speaker Kit

diy electronic kitdiy electronic kit

DIY Speaker KitDIY Speaker Kit

DIY Speaker KitDIY Speaker Kit

diy amplifier kitdiy amplifier kit

DIY Speaker KitDIY Speaker Kit

DIY Speaker KitDIY Speaker Kit

AUX Input

Audio input devices can be connected through the AUX interface.

Power Supply

Please note that the battery should be charged using the accompanying 4.2V charger.

Removable Antenna

The antenna is removable and can be installed to enhance the signal when using the radio function.

diy speaker kitdiy speaker kit

【2-in-1 DIY Kit: Bluetooth-Compatible + FM Radio】Switch to Bluetooth-Compatible mode, activate your mobile phone’s Bluetooth-Compatible , locate “YXY-CY02E-BT”, and tap Connect. This effortlessly links your mobile music to the soldering project kit, ensuring seamless playback. Alternatively, select Radio mode for leisurely music enjoyment and staying updated with current news. (Radio antenna is detachable)
【Versatile Playback Options: USB, AUX, SD Card】The soldering project kit offers USB, AUX, and SD Card inputs, catering to various playback preferences. It integrates multiple features into one compact unit. Additionally, the soldering project kit features a clock function. By pressing the “Play/Pause” button, you can toggle between “Hour” and “Minute” settings. Adjust the time using the up/down buttons. (Note: Time adjustment is required after every startup)
【Ideal for Outdoor Activities】Enhanced with a rechargeable battery box, the DIY Bluetooth-Compatible Speaker Kit becomes outdoor-ready once batteries (included) are installed. Whether on a journey or engaging in outdoor pursuits, this portable speaker allows you to relish music and radio. The subwoofer + dual speaker configuration elevates your auditory experience. Furthermore, the soldering project kit includes a user-friendly remote control for effortless operation.
【Enhance Soldering Skills】Perfect for students and DIY enthusiasts, the soldering practice kit facilitates practical hands-on learning, enhancing soldering proficiency. Assembling the DIY electronic kit primarily involves soldering wires, making it beginner-friendly. Assembling the acrylic shell requires careful attention, but the final product—a versatile Bluetooth-Compatible Speaker—brings immense satisfaction.
【Comprehensive Instructions】Access the instruction manual via Amazon’s product guides and documents page. Prior to installation, ensure you download and consult the manual to streamline the process and prevent complications. The manual offers visual aids and meticulous guidance, empowering even soldering novices to successfully complete the task. Rest assured, assembling the kit is well within your capabilities with the manual’s support.

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