IC Chips kit Minidodoca 173 pcs 20 Values Chip Assortment Set+12 pcs Sockets;Integrated Circuits op amp kit 555 Timer IC Included NE555,LM358, LM324, LM393, LM339, NE5532, LM386,UA741,IC Plier etc

Price: $19.89
(as of Apr 02, 2024 14:10:58 UTC – Details)

Minidodoca high quality 24 Values 173 Pcs IC Assortment Kit
IC chip Assortment contains: Op Amp: LM358 LM324 JRC4558 NE5532 LM386 TDA2030 TDA2822 UA741 ;Comparators: LM393 LM339;PhotoCoupler: PC817 ;Multivibrator: CD4047;Analog Multiplexer: CD4053;Echo Audio Processor: PT2399; PWM controller: UC3842 UC3843; Darlington Array ULN2003 ULN2803;Voltage Converter 7660; Timer: NE555
Including 3 pcs DIP8 socket, 3 pcs DIP14 socket, 3 pcs DIP16 socket, 3 pcs DIP18 socket
Including 1pc IC Plier included for easy picking and removing IC chips
Minidodoca ic kit Complete specifications, clear markings, easily identifiable models, sufficient quantity, durable materials, nickel plated surface, not easy to rust, ensuring a long service life.

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