eRapta Wireless Backup Camera 7 Inch Rear View Monitor Kit HD 1080P Easy Installation 2 Channels Waterproof Night Vision Reverse Cam for Camper Van Truck Trailer AWT7

Price: $129.99 - $119.99
(as of Jan 14, 2024 20:10:59 UTC – Details)

Product Description

7" Wireless Backup Camera 7" Wireless Backup Camera

Real-time and Stable SignalReal-time and Stable Signal

Easy InstallationEasy Installation

Suitable kinds of vehiclesSuitable kinds of vehicles

HD 1080p IP69K Waterproof Two Channels Monitor 150° Viewing Angle Two Bracket Mount

1 HD 1080P 2 IP69K Waterproof 3 Two Channels Monitor 4 150° Viewing Angle 5 Two Bracket Mount

DIY Guide Lines Image Flip Dimension Package Listing 1 DIY Parking Lines 2 DIY Image Flip 3 Dimension 4 Package Listing

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Monitor Size

7 Inch

5 Inch

10 Inch

7 Inch

7 Inch

Video Channels

2 Channels

4 Channels

4 Channels

4 Channels

1 Channel


Support Multiple Camera

Support Recording

Support recording, 4 Cameras

Magnetic, Solar, Recording

Stable Digital Signal, Solar

IP69 Waterproof

Night Vision

Parking Lines

Wireless Design: You just need to connect the monitor to the lighter charger, connect the backup camera to running light or reversing light. No additional wiring is required, making installation is easier and faster.
Stable & Real-time Signal: Equipped with the latest Sunrest transmission chip, equipped with a powerful penetrating antenna, making the signal more stable and real-time. In open area, the signal transmission distance can reach 40ft. It is stable and without delay, ensuring your driving safety from all angles.
1080P Image and Night Vision: Equipped with automatic light sensors, it provides high-definition clear vision without any ambient light on the darkest nights. It is easy to get clear color images even in low light or exposure environments.
DIY Parking Lines& Two Channels Video: Backup camera can support parking lines, you can open and close as needed. Even in the smallest parking spaces, you can park easily. Equipped with upgrade split screen, the screen support two wireless video channels, you can use full screen or split screen.
IP69K Waterproof: Upgraded sealing material, with waterproof, shock-proof and drop-proof , even if the collision, no need to worry about damage. The temperature can resist -4°-35°, suitable for all kinds of weather.
Quality Guarantee: 24-hour online customer service, 720-day replacement warranty and lifetime support. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us first. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we will do our best for you.

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