DIY Practical Soldering Practice Kit Practice Learning Electronics Training Board

Price: $7.99
(as of Mar 31, 2024 07:28:07 UTC – Details)

Power input:+3V~5V;
Product size: diameter 51mm;
Product weight: 10g/set;
LED Quantity: 10pcs 5mmLED lights;
LED color: two each of yellow, green, blue, red, and white; battery box not included
Product function: key or shake;

Production Notes
1. The soldering time should not be too long, 1-3 seconds, otherwise the copper sheet will fall off. If it is not soldered once, remove the soldering iron and solder it again. Be sure to be optimistic about the production pictures and text, distinguish the positive and negative poles, and pay attention to the white silk screen welding of the corresponding components when welding;
2. The vibration switch must be close to the circuit board, and cannot be high on one side and low on the other;
Product introduction: Shake the lucky turntable by NE555 and CD4017 chips combined with LED random output function. The control terminals are button control and vibration switch control. You only need to press the button or shake it, the LED will start to rotate, and the After a while it stops randomly, leaving only one LED light.
Power input: +3V~5V
Designed for Beginners:Special design for electronics starter to learn to solder electronics components. Soldering project kit will improve your electronic knowledge and soldering skills in practice
Easy to Assemble: Electronic DIY kits uses safety materials, effectively avoid corrosion and wear out. Components’ names have been marked on the PCB board and the circuit design is simple. Even beginners can easily solder successfully
Warm Reminder :DIY electronic components kit requires buyer to assemble and welding, If you don’t have any soldering experience, please read the soldering instructions and use soldering tools carefully to avoid safety problem

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