Car Air Fresheners, Peach Berry, 6-Pack, 4ml Each, Car Air Freshener vent clips, Long Lasting Air Freshener for Car, Car Fresheners, Car Refresher, Odor Eliminator

Price: $9.98
(as of Mar 17, 2024 16:42:00 UTC – Details)

The Peach & Berry fragrance of our Car Air Fresheners fills your car with the lush and tantalizing blend of ripe peaches and juicy berries, evoking a refreshing and fruity ambiance that invigorates your senses during your drives.
Value Pack: Each box contains 6 vent clips. Each 4ml, Total 24ml
Long-lasting Fragrance: Each vent clip can last for 20-30 days, ensuring a continuous and pleasant scent in your car.
Simple to Use: The usage method is extremely simple – just pull out the aluminum film completely and insert the vent clip into your car’s air vent.
Adjustable Fragrance Intensity: The vent clip features a scent adjustment switch on top, allowing you to control the intensity of the fragrance diffusion.
High-Quality Formula: Our car air fresheners vent clips are made with a premium formula, providing a refreshing and safe fragrance.

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